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    “u have a hott body” glowed on my laptop, next to a blue circle with a halo and a set of horns—the Honesty Box icon for a male user. My face burned
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    from her peers, define some of the more common terms and explain why kids like to use them. Someti

Where do you think most children get their sex education?

The media - 33%
Friends - 45.4%
School - 16.4%
Parents - 5.1%
Faith Community - 0.2%
Total votes: 549
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    A missed period can have very serious implications or may be nothing to worry about.  If you’ve had sex, the most serious implication is probably obvious. Skipping a period may b

You have a crush on a guy in your class. Do you:

Text him a cute picture of you - 4.3%
Tell your BFF to talk to him - 12.8%
Keep it to yourself - 38.1%
Get chatty with him - 44.7%
Total votes: 530


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