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I’m in the 9th grade and most girls in my class are taller than me. Will I grow any taller?

Possibly. Adult height is determined by many factors. These include genetics (how tall are your parents, grandparents and siblings?) and your overall health and nutrition.

The average height for adult women is about 5’4” but there is a huge range of what’s normal. Most girls grow about two to two and a half inches per year from age 2 until puberty. At that time, there is a growth spurt. Most girls start growing more rapidly around eleven, and then slow down by age 13 or so. Some girls, however, will continue growing until they are sixteen to eighteen years old, but it’s at a slower rate than before puberty.

The interesting thing about growth is that you grow pretty rapidly from the start of puberty up until about 6 months before you start your period. Once you start your period, your growth slows down a lot but doesn’t necessarily stop for a few more years. Having a yearly check up by your doctor can help you understand your own growth pattern as well as help predict your adult height.