Love Math? Cool with menstruation? Make memes? You could be like our SUPERSTAR Communications Intern, Mallory Harris who was just named a 2017 Goldwater Scholar. That means she is one of the most outstanding college students in the nation pursuing a career in the field of mathematics, natural science or engineering. We are so proud of her (even though we can’t take any credit for her awesomeness), we have to tell you more - maybe she’ll inspire YOUR girl!

Although she does a lot of work for Girlology, hanging out with us is just a fraction of what Mallory does! As a junior at the University of Georgia, Mallory entered UGA as a Foundation Fellow (the most prestigious academic scholarship at the university) and is studying mathematics and biology. She intends to pursue a Ph.D. in computational biology and hopes to study disease systems at the biochemical and population levels. Specifically, she wants to develop more accurate diagnostic tests and precisely targeted treatment strategies based on genetic indicators, supporting a shift from reactionary to preventive approaches to epidemiology. How about that?

Along with aceing her school work, Mallory has been the machine behind our Girlology and Guyology social media platforms since early 2016. To keep our shares and original posts interesting and enlightening, she keeps up with science, education, pop culture, and advocacy issues surrounding sexuality education and reproductive health. Then she uses her creativity and writing skills to blurb the importance of each share. If you follow us, you’ve likely benefited from her work!

She’s not just winning “likes” and “follows” for us; she’s been on a mission. Through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, Mallory has engaged with other organizations to build and sustain partnerships and expand our reach. As Mallory was beginning her work with us, Girlology was invited by the U.S. Office on Women’s Health (OWH) to be a partner on a public awareness campaign on STI prevention called Know the Facts First (KTFF). Mallory led Girlology’s participation in the campaign. As the 1-year campaign ended, the OWH announced a competitive process to transfer the entire content to one organization that could continue the work. Girlology was recently notified that we were chosen as the recipient of the KTFF campaign - our success in being awarded the content is largely due to Mallory’s diligent and effective work.

See, Mallory is proof that girls can totally rock math, science, writing, and emoji all at once! At the University, she volunteers with MathCounts Outreach and coaches an all-girls math team. Her math team has weekly practices, and in the summer, they turn into a book club where the girls have been first-readers for her math-fiction books. Yep, that’s right - she writes books for children that involve the heroine taking mathematical adventures. Of course she does! 

The list of Mallory’s campus involvement is long and impressive, but she’s also doing simple yet influential work every day, like showing how easy it is to be politically involved by calling your representative (which she demonstrates live on facebook). She also tutors elementary students, participates in a policy think-tank, and serves as a research assistant in the school of Ecology as well as with the Biomathematics Research Group on campus. 

So what about this Goldwater Scholarship? It recognizes exceptional sophomore and junior college students across the nation. This year, the awardees were selected from a field of 1,286 undergraduates who first, had to be chosen to represent their university in the competition, and over 2000 universities submitted nominations. 

Exceptional? No doubt!

Congratulations to Mallory Harris who will always be our meme-queen!


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