Ob-Gyn & Girlologist

Dr. Alynn Alexander of Richmond Women’s Specialists is all about taking the “trauma” out of gynecology. She joins Girlology as a strong believer in providing accurate information for females of all ages. “I am passionate about education and demystifying the hard-to- talk-about stuff,” she says.

Dr. Alexander earned a BS in biology from Indiana University, an MD from Jefferson Medical

Ob-Gyn & Girlologist

After surviving adolescence twice, Dr. Shereen Ansay has advanced qualifications as a Girlologist. She spent her teenage years helping to raise her sister, who is eleven years younger. “With such a big age gap, I was hoping she would learn from my mistakes without feeling as though she was getting any parental pressure,” Dr. Ansay says.

Dr. Ansay specializes in adolescent gynecology and

Family Nurse Practitioner & Girlologist

According to her mom, Courtney Bickett may have started talking late, but she hasn’t stopped ever since — which makes her perfect for Girlology’s important conversations. “I have wanted to write a book for years on ‘what is normal’ because I felt that all I did was educate my young patients on what's normal for their body,” she says.

One of her most memorable important conversations was

Girlologist & Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologist

Dr. Hillary Boswell, a physician with The Complete Woman’s Care Center in Houston, loves being a Girlologist because she’s passionate about helping girls and their families see adolescence as an amazing time of growth and development (as opposed to something to be feared and dreaded). She credits much of her love for all things youthful to growing up in Japan.  Dr. Boswell also lived in Libya

Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecologist & Girlologist

Dr. Rachel Casey is taking Girlology up an octave. An opera singer and avid music lover, Dr. Casey played the starring role of Amahl in the opera Amahl and the Night Visitors, the first full-length opera performed by George Washington University students.

“I went to an arts high school in New Orleans and was almost a music major in college,” she says. Instead, she earned a medical

Ob-Gyn & Girlologist

Dr. Amy Cooper is our pioneer Girlologist who is taking Girlology West. She is a Kentucky native and an all-around all-star. She attended Rhodes College where she was on their championship teams for golf and soccer. She also received about every academic award imaginable. 

Although she lives Boise, she gained her Girlology skills as a medical student at the University of Kentucky (where

Ob-Gyn & Girlologist

After blazing trails in the skies and then earning a medical degree, Dr. Alta DeRoo is now high-flying example for Girlology participants. A naval aviator for eight years, she was the first female winged into the E-2C Hawkeye community. Now a physician with University of Virginia Obstetrics and Gynecology Culpeper and a mother of preteen children, Dr. DeRoo looks forward to making a difference

Pediatrician & Girlologist

Dr. Lia Erickson brings a little bit of Hollywood to Girlology. When she was in middle school, she was picked to be an extra in Little Man Tate, the 1991 Jodie Foster film about a child prodigy. Parts of the movie, including the math competition scene in which young Lia Simpson appeared, were filmed near her childhood home in Ohio.

Now a pediatrician at Novant Health Waughtown