Ob-Gyn & Girlologist

Dr. Alynn Alexander of Richmond Women’s Specialists is all about taking the “trauma” out of gynecology. She joins Girlology as a strong believer in providing accurate information for females of all ages. “I am passionate about education and demystifying the hard-to- talk-about stuff,” she says.

Dr. Alexander earned a BS in biology from Indiana University, an MD from Jefferson Medical

Ob-Gyn & Girlologist

After surviving adolescence twice, Dr. Shereen Ansay has advanced qualifications as a Girlologist. She spent her teenage years helping to raise her sister, who is eleven years younger. “With such a big age gap, I was hoping she would learn from my mistakes without feeling as though she was getting any parental pressure,” Dr. Ansay says.

Dr. Ansay specializes in adolescent gynecology

Girlologist & Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologist

Dr. Hillary Boswell, a physician with the Women's Complete Care Center in Houston, is a model Girlologist who knows first-hand the pressures girls face growing up. "I was a child model in Japan in the 1970s," she says. "I was on lots of TV commercials and I would see pictures of myself almost every time I rode the trains." In addition to Japan, Dr. Boswell also lived in Libya and Saudi Arabia

Ob-Gyn & Girlologist

Dr. Amy Cooper is our pioneer Girlologist who is taking Girlology West. She is a Kentucky native and an all-around all-star. She attended Rhodes College where she was on their championship teams for golf and soccer. She also received about every academic award imaginable. 

Although she lives Boise, she gained her Girlology skills as a medical student at the University of Kentucky (

Ob-Gyn & Girlologist

After blazing trails in the skies and then earning a medical degree, Dr. Alta DeRoo is now high-flying example for Girlology participants. A naval aviator for eight years, she was the first female winged into the E-2C Hawkeye community. Now a physician with University of Virginia Obstetrics and Gynecology Culpeper and a mother of preteen children, Dr. DeRoo looks forward to making a

Pediatrician & Girlologist

Dr. Lia Erickson brings a little bit of Hollywood to Girlology. When she was in middle school, she was picked to be an extra in Little Man Tate, the 1991 Jodie Foster film about a child prodigy. Parts of the movie, including the math competition scene in which young Lia Simpson appeared, were filmed near her childhood home in Ohio.

Now a pediatrician at Novant Health Forsyth Pediatrics

Pediatrician & Girlologist

Dr. Sameena Evers has the professional and life-experiences that have perfectly prepped her to be a busy Girlologist in Charlotte, NC. A Virginia native, she attended the College of William and Mary and earned her M.D. at the University of Virginia. She settled into Charlotte for her residency in Pediatrics at Carolinas Medical Center, and now she is a busy and in-demand Pediatrician at

Girlologist & Gynecologist

If Dr. Karyn Fowler is ever trying to tell you something about her life, she just might belt it out with some Indigo Girls lyrics. An obstetrician with SSM Health in St. Louis by trade and fluent in violin, clarinet, piano and Portuguese, she is secretly a singer/songwriter/karaoke master in her car.

Dr. Fowler joins Girlology with a passion for providing reliable resources and