"Help Your Daughter Have Less Anxiety and More Confidence about Her Period"

Reaching Girls Who Need it Most

Whether your girl has already started her period or is getting ready to begin, one thing is sure: she has a lot of questions

Prepared For Every Age & Stage

“It’s well established that confidence plummets during puberty and reaches its lowest point around the time of a girl’s first period. We want to help prevent this downward spiral -- that’s why we created the Girlology You Got It eBook.”

Melisa Holmes, MD

Raising the Bar Across the Country

The Girlology Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization on a mission to expand access to quality health education for these at-risk girls, and you can help! The Girlology Foundation offers low or no-cost programs in under-resourced areas thanks to your donations.


EXPANDING ACCESS<br><font size=18>40,000 +</font>

40,000 +

Girls are getting the health education they need through Girlology Live™ events

FOSTERING CONVERSATIONS<br><font size=18>94 %</font>

94 %

Girls are more comfortable talking about puberty and health concerns

SUPPORTING PARENTS<br><font size=18>98 %</font>

98 %

Parents would recommend Girlology as a health resource to a friend


Your tax-deductible donation can change a child’s life. Just $15 can provide an essential Girlology education to a child in need, and $50 can sponsor an adult-child pair to a Girlology program. With your help, these families gain the health skills needed to confidently navigate the changes that come with girl-life.

All the stuff you need to know when you start your period.