Along the way, we have been fortunate to connect with people and organizations that share our passion for adolescent health. We value our current community of sponsors and partners, and we look forward to expanding our network.

Here’s how we connect on different levels.


Because we are providing medically accurate information about wellness and healthy sexual development, it makes sense that we have these conversations in health-focused environments. We are particularly interested in working with hospitals that are committed to community health, education, and recruiting new patients to their network of providers.

Our hospital sponsors work with us to

  • Share the event with their network of patients, employees and community partners 
  • Provide a venue for our programs and a light snack for attendees
  • May or may not provide funding to offset the cost of the programs in their community

To view our current hospital sponsors, click here.

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Although Girlology & Guyology are not owned by any corporate interests, we enjoy working with companies, large and small, that share our interest in promoting adolescent health and reaching an audience of adolescents and the people who care for them. We offer opportunities for exposure and education through our live programs, educational materials, and web community.  To view our corporate partners and sponsors, click here


Coming together as a community is a great way to educate our children and each other. So when schools, churches, and other community centers host our programs, we are thrilled. As a community sponsor, these organizations share the event with their network of families and friends, and provide a venue and light snacks.

Some of our school sponsors have expanded their involvement by partnering with us to pilot our school curriculum among their students and families. We are grateful that they believe in our messages and trust us with these important conversations.

If your school, church or organization would like to host a program, let us hear from you, click here.

We also partner with non-profits to help share information and resources that are helpful to our audience. For a list of non-profit organizations that are doing important work, click here.


In addition to helping parents and kids improve communication at home, we also want to help healthcare providers start these conversations that matter.

Puberty and Sexuality questions are common among adolescents and their parents, but physicians and other healthcare providers rarely have enough time in an office visit to cover all that needs to be discussed. That’s why we offer discounted books and free downloadable educational materials to our Affiliated Providers.

By registering on our site, healthcare providers will gain access to exclusive educational materials and provider-only blogs. They also receive 30% discount on orders of ten or more books. We encourage our affiliated providers to print and distribute our free downloadables and to use our books as they see fit. And sometimes, our affiliates become such great ambassadors of our programs and resources that they decide to become certified Girlologists or Guyologists!

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