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Always & Tampax
Cincinnati, OH

Thanks to our friends at Always and Tampax, we have a new ebook titled You Got IT by Drs. Holmes & Hutchison. Between Girlology and Always and Tampax, you can know you're getting medically accurate info with a bit of humor and attitude. The book is free from May, 2016 to May, 2017.  Give your girl all the info she needs to know when she starts her period. She Got IT? You've got this! 


Fruit of the Loom
Bowling Green, KY

Here's how we're working together… If you toss a padded, lacey, underwire bra into a crowd of 10 year old girls, they squeal and act like it’s a snake. But if you toss brightly colored, girl-sized bras into the crowd, they love them and want to learn about all the cool styles and sizes that are perfect for girls! Fruit of the Loom provides each of our Girlologists with an enviable array of bras for show and tell in our programs. They also provide Bra-ology pamphlets on the perfect fit, and coupons for free shipping on bras ordered through Yay!

GHS - Children's Hospital
Greenville, SC

Here's how we're working together… Greenville Hospital System's Children's Hospital was our first hospital partner and we are still in a great relationship. And of course, well…we'll never forget our first. By offering regularly scheduled Girlology and Guyology programs by physicians trained in our curricula and methods, GHS is helping youth face puberty and adolescence with confidence and accurate knowledge, and helping families improve communication around tough topics.

Good for You Girls
New Hartford, CT

Here's how we’re working together… Our friends at Good For You Girls believe self-care creates the perfect foundation to teach self love. We agree! Their natural line of skincare helps girls embrace the normal changes happening in their body with age-appropriate products free of harmful chemicals. They provide each of our events with prize packages, and every Girlology Girl can receive a special discount of 15% just by using coupon code GIRLOLOGY at check-out on their website: Gotta love that!