Here's what people are saying after attending our programs:

  • "Thank you for putting together an amazing program last night.  It was fun and informative for the girls and parents.  Thank you for being direct, age appropriate, covering more topics than she would have allowed me to do one on one and all in a fun way.  I can't say enough good things."  (from a parent - 11/6/16)

  • "Thank you so much for the Girlology class. It was wonderful. I learned so many disturbing but useful tips. The doctor was so sweet and fun. I would totally do that again."  (from a 4th grader - 10/16/16)

  • "I am a pediatrician practicing Peds Emergency Medicine and just took the puberty class yesterday with my 10 year old daughter. SO many thanks for making a sensitive subject fun! You were PHENOMENAL! The use of anatomic terminology and real explanations mixed with fun and honesty engaged the entire audience but also facilitated making the subject no longer taboo with our girls. THANK YOU so much! An impressed and thankful mom." (from a parent - 9/25/16) 

  • "Thank you so much for a positive and fun experience this past Sunday. Our son really enjoyed himself and is very excited for puberty to begin. In all honesty I think he might have been a little disappointed when he realized he is still in stage 1 and puberty has not started yet!"  (from a parent - 9/25/16)

  • "My daughter and I ended up attending the session today and it was absolutely phenomenal! [My daughter] had read some books, so she wasn't completely in the dark about reproduction but the class was incredibly helpful for both of us. We stopped for ice cream on the way home and were able to talk openly about everything that was covered. She went from being unhappy about having to attend, to resigned, to excited. Tonight at dinner she told me what a great day she had. Thank you for a wonderful program, an opportunity to begin and continue necessary conversations, and a chance to prove that she can talk to me about anything." (from a parent - 9/25/16)