If you (or someone close to you) has noticed a new not-so-nice smell floating around you, it’s probably puberty - well, it’s body odor caused by puberty. But don’t worry! We can help!

You probably already know that your hormones change pretty quickly as you enter puberty. But don’t let hormones worry you. They are just chemical messengers that help your body parts communicate with each other. 

As you enter puberty, there’s a hormone that makes your skin become more oily and another that causes your sweat glands to make more sweat. When your sweat and oils mix, they create a yummy “soup” that gets slurped up by the bacteria that normally live on your skin. As the bacteria munch on your body soup, they put off stinky smells. Lovely, isn’t it? 

To get rid of smells, the first step is always to wash with soap and water. If you don’t use soap, the smells won’t go away. That’s because the smells are attached to skin oils, and you can’t get oily things off your skin without soap! No matter how much perfume or cologne you use, if your body is not clean, the bad smell will find a way to get through. 

The next step is to find a deodorant that works for you. There are lots different types of deodorant (solids, gels, sprays, etc.) and lots of scents and brands. The deodorant aisle at the store can definitely seem overwhelming, but take your time, sniff the scents, and find one you like. 

Most deodorants (de-odorizers) also have antiperspirants which make you sweat less. If you are using deodorant, but the armpits of your shirt are still staying damp or wet (and it bothers you), you can try a “clinical strength” deodorant that has a stronger antiperspirant power. Applying deodorant to your dry underarms after you have washed with soap and water, is most effective. Some people like to shower at night, others in the morning. Either way, applying deodorant to clean, dry armpits is the best way to stop the stink.


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  • anon

    Lately I really stink I realize that this is puberty I have boobs and pubic hair like every girl. But ive been really stinky ive used deodorant and antiperprent but it dose the help,somethings all be sitting down and i will get super hot and start sweating like crazy is this normal?

    Jun 08, 2017

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