Girlology is thrilled to be a small part of a huge project that is improving the way kids learn about sex and sexuality. has created animated videos (fun, accurate, humorous, goofy...just the way we like them!) that give kids all the answers they actually want to know about sex, their body and relationships. This video on menstruation was developed from our You Got IT ebook, and our Co-Founder, Dr. Holmes, serves as an Advisory Panel member providing feedback and input on all of the videos. 

Check out their website ( and YouTube channel (Amaze Org)  to see thier other videos and share them with your children. On the website, you can even set up your own acount page and link only the videos you want your child to see.

We're all about honest, accurate, humorous sexuality education for tweens and young teens. It's wonderful to have adding great resources to this area, and it's an honor for us to be a part of the project!

menstruation, period, sex ed

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